Creative Corporate Solutions

In corporate marketing promotional products usually end up being the same thing: A pen, a thumb drive, office supplies.  But are they the right things?  We understand how the dynamic of the product you chose, determine its success as a brand ambassador and select products that fit your brand and your budget.

Products that are unique

Our services are based on establishing strong relationships.  We aren’t a select 1000 units, add logo here company.  We believe in the power of product marketing, so we know that success is finding a good ambassador for your brand, not just a good place to put it. Finding a good fit for your campaign is knowing what products are developing, which trends are emerging and how an audience responds to and in what setting they’re most effective.

Client responsibility

We know this is one job out of many you need to get done.  Our commitment to providing exceptional client service includes taking responsibility for your projects. We use our expertise to take the stress away from you and endeavour to manage the entire project under your guidance.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our quality control standards. We’re passionate about creating an experience that exceeds your expectations and accurately represent your brand and your company values.

If you want your promotional product search to be easy, if you want to save time, effort and stress, we’re ready to manage the process for you.

Create a conversation with your brand

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