Point 7 has a speciality in off shore sourcing

We’ve built up extensive networks across the globe, and can find almost anything you need. We’re not limited by the images we’ve displayed on this website, or by anything you may have seen before.

We're passionate about service

We consider ourselves to be an integral part of your marketing department.  That’s why we take your projects to heart and work to develop our working partnership so we can deliver a quality product together.

We believe in building strong relationships

While our first conversations may be via phone or email, we are focused on being part of your team in the long term.

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    We execute comprehensive brand strategy using promotional products as individual items or as Value Adds.  We engage and understand your existing strategy and identify opportunities to create an occasion or conversation using promotional products.


    We take the time to research and discover fresh and interesting promotional solutions from all over the world. Success comes from our ability to find the perfect solution – be it designer, quirky or high tech.


    We deliver on our promises with exceptionally high standards and diligent customer service. We take care of your promotional projects as if they were ours, and we make sure you receive a product you’re proud of.


    We take your brand, and turn it into an ambassador.  A product that goes out into your clients world and continues the story of who you are, what you believe in, and what you want to be remembered for.

What can we do for your brand?


What can we do for your brand?

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