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The power of thank you

How many businesses now believe that the final step in a transaction (especially B2B) is receiving payment?

It’s not – the final step is the Thank You.

No matter how small or large the completed transaction is, letting your client know that you appreciate their custom is one way to make them feel wanted. And if they feel that, they’ll come back next time. Or just as importantly, they will share their positive experience with others, and we all love referrals! In this age of business & social interaction, feedback & referrals has never been more important.

So how is it achieved?

Showing appreciation does not need to be an awkward experience. Even a handwritten card sent in the mail can be rewarding for the receiver, it shows you have gone to a little extra effort, rather than take the money & move on.

Remember – consumers now have never had more freedom of choice and loyalty needs to be earned.

We believe that how you present your product or gift says as much as the gift itself.

That’s because first impressions last.

Giving a promotional gift is a further way to strengthen your brand. There is little benefit to you if you give a gift from the local confectionery store or gift shop. Alcohol, flowers, gift cards are all often used & are appreciated, but why not present them as coming from YOU, i.e. give them in a branded gift box with a card & long-lasting promotional gift?

Because we all remember the famous quote – “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

At Point 7 we tailor a solution to fit with your clients. Whether it’s settlement of a real estate transaction, speakers’ gift, a starter pack for a new employee – allow us to create a solution that you will be proud to give.


We prefer to look forward, and show you what your company could use, rather than to show you what we’ve done before. Technology and design are pushing fresh boundaries every day, and we find unique and exceptional products that reflect this. However, take a look at just a few projects we have completed – you may be inspired for your campaign!

Defence Housing Australia new tenant packs
One School Global staff gifts
GFT thank you gifts

We can find almost anything. If what you had in mind is nothing like what we’ve shown on these pages, please still get in touch – we can source almost anything through our extensive worldwide contacts. 

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