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Does wine belong to people or do people belong to wineries?
We believe in the power of product marketing, so we know that success is finding a good ambassador for your brand, not just a good place to put it.

Branded merchandise

Does it work and why should I care?

Perhaps the most common resistance to branded merchandise that managers and owners have is “we sell wine/ beer – not t-shirts and caps. We invest money back into the product to make it better – we don’t need merchandise.” It’s a very valid point and goes back to the vision of the founder and DNA of the brand. What we see in this age of social behaviour, is progressive brands using merchandise as a way of building engaged communities.

5 reasons why progressive wineries and breweries invest in merchandise.:

*Research conducted by University of South Australia for the Australian Wine & Grape Authority.

Did you know that 66% of wine drinkers can’t remember what brand of wine they drank last? We do, and that’s why we deliver a truly comprehensive analysis of your cellar door or event. Our specialty services develop Value Add promotional products to drive sales and deliver meaningful conversations with your clients.

At Point7 we see the cellar door environment as a unique opportunity to connect and engage with consumers wanting to buy into the brand story. They re-live that experience every time they wear a t-shirt or use a bottle opener purchased with pride at your cellar door. And if your wine is on a wine list at a restaurant, it will always be given preference to a brand they have no association with.

Upsell or Gift with purchase
Why is advertising a gift with purchase so common? Obviously because it is effective – who doesn’t love the feeling of getting something extra for free? Upsell your clients by offering a gift with multibuy purchase, or over a set dollar value. Or even for just subscribing to the wine club! This accelerates cellar door sales, gives your brand more exposure & enhances the customer experience.
Encouraging distributors to promote their wine

Giving branded aprons to restaurants etc, floor graphics, shelf wobblers, point of sale items.

Premium Packaging & Presentation

You’ve taken such care to create your beautiful wine, bottled it with a well-designed label. Doesn’t your wine now deserve to be taken to the next level & presented in matching packaging? Or it can be sold with glasses etched with logo!

We’ve worked extensively with the wine industry to provide high quality wine glasses for cellars, events and festivals. We can etch your logo or words onto each glass.

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