Four ways to take the headache out of product marketing campaigns

Branded corporate products are often the focus of an event or campaign. They’re the lasting impression of your conference or interaction together.  They’re also, generally, the item that causes the most angst and stress to organise and order.  Here are four simple ways you can use the experience of your product marketing firm and start to enjoy this part of your campaign planning.

Connect Early. 
We all live in a busy, time pushed environment and lead times are rarely long enough.  Our expectations of when things should be delivered are sometimes unrealistic.  There are ways a good product branding professional can create some additional time, but in the end, selecting, proofing and ordering these things takes time.  After all, there’s no way to actually make the print process or delivery times to be any shorter.  We advise getting in touch with your product marketing company early in the campaign or event planning process if you can.  Give yourself and your team time to enjoy choosing the right product and finding the right fit – communicate early and as often as you can.

Share Your Brand Story

Your merchandise supplier knows their industry.  They know the latest products and the inside story of how to get your message on each and every item. Share your ideas as soon as possible because often the limitations of shapes, sizes, and suitable print processes can affect the end result. A good provider will help you go past a Google search for “cool corporate branding ideas” and work with you on ideas that suit the overall story. Be careful in the ‘something new’ space. Things that have been successful and well received previously may actually still work. Your brand is not an antique but take time to get ‘new’ right. Often selection of products comes down to going with what you know instead of what might work.

Budget is NOT a dirty word.          

Price is often the most difficult thing to discuss yet normally the most influential factor in the whole scenario. We may tend to stall this discussion for fear of being taken for a ride. However, knowing what you’re able to spend directs the conversation from the beginning.  Selecting the right products and processes is driven by your budget.  If you use the skills of your product marketing company, they can sort through the millions of options that will suit both your brand and budget.

Don’t be afraid to admit limitations or needs

With all the conversations out there around the best way to do marketing, many of them focusing on cheap options, it can be hard to figure out if you’re actually heading in the right direction. After all, who does this stuff now anyway – is it still relevant in a digital world? (more about this later…and yes it still has a relevant place) This process should be enjoyable.  You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by page after page of ‘the latest’ pens.  Who has time for that anyway?

This process is easier, enjoyable and more successful when a carefully curated selection of products, based on the above four points are offered by your provider. Don’t shy away from having these discussions if you want to be truly happy with the end result.

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